Event Illustration

A truly individual and unique way to remember and commemorate any special event is to have the occasion illustrated for posterity.

The artist will attend the event and make rough sketches, and if possible, take some reference photographs. These sketches will then provide the basis for a series of final illustrations in colour and black and white which will be available to buy as Limited Edition signed prints from the Blue Sunflower Store.

Postcards from the wedding

Postcards are drawn in pen on the day and finished following the event to document the occasion in a chronological fashion.

Postcards are drawn on A6 and A5 quality watercolour or rag paper.

If a guest would like a specific postcard illustration of them, they can request this during the event or supply a photograph at a later date.


We offer a bespoke service that can be tailored to suit each individual event and the desired use of the final images.

An all-inclusive Gift Package will include the original illustrations and any other digital media agreed upon. Gift packages can also include a slideshow with or without music and an interactive .pdf book. Other formats are available on request. (See pricing)

Alternatively a Reproduction Package is charged on a Day Rate and licenses  illustrations for reproduction in printed or digital format. The original artwork and limited edition prints are available to purchase separately.

Suggested scenes

The Bride gets ready

The Groom gets ready

The arrival of the Bride

Down the aisle

Taking Vowes

The Bridesmaids

The Bride and Groom

The Bride's Family

The Groom's Family

The Cutting of the Cake

Toasting the happy Couple

The Venue

Prominent Guests

Leaving the Reception