Being an Entity Graphic Novel by Niki Gibbs

Visit to follow the production of Books 2 and 3 as I work on them through my OCA distance learning Degree course.

Being an Entity is the fisrt part of a Graphic Novel Trilogy. It is a self Published book with a limited edition run of 100 signed copies.

Being an Entity was conceived by Niki Gibbs following a difficult period in her life, and rather that having rubbish negative thoughts running around in her head dissecting the ins and outs of what had been, she decided to channel her thoughts creatively, making up stories in her head. When these stories started keeping her awake at night she decided that it was time to start putting pencil to paper and trascribed the whole epic trilogy into 3 sketchbooks in pictures and text.

Although not working full time on the project, over the following years Niki drew up in line onto A2 paper each of the illustrations from the sketchbooks, adding additional images as the story required. Colouring in just book one took a year in itself! Then all the text had to be prepaired and placed over black and white versions of each image so the colour versions still held their full impact. The layout was then determined to alternate the black and white and the colour images as you flick through the book so that your eye is forced to move around across the pages. Niki designed the book as a coffee table piece, something that you could dip in and out of, follow the story in pictures and read as much or little of the detail as the reader felt like at the time. She wanted to make the book feel a bit different to read, so not only is the layout slightly unconventional, the grammer and typography has a style of its own. There are no page numbers, instead, the reader is to refer to an index at the back where thumbnails of each image guide you to the relevant page.

Books two and three are drawn up in line and awaiting being brought to life in colour - watch this space!

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