Bug Bowls

The insect population in the UK has decreased by 60% in the past decades, we need to embrace our insects and promote their variety, beauty and super-powers.

This series of Bug Bowl tablewear works is ongoing and evolving, and available in the online Store in the form of large bowls, standard soup/desert bowls, mini bowls, plates, beakers and pen pots.

Commissions welcome, please allow 4-6 weeks for production, thank you.

Morning Friends - Soap Dishes

As we strive to use less plastic in our daily lives, soap and shampoo/conditioner bars are becoming ever more popular. Enjoy your morning and evening bathroom sessions with your very own new Morning Friend Soap Dish!

Available to buy in the online Store


Her Bed is part of coursework for OCA Painting Degree; Project - The campaign for a transformative legacy Women's Building on the site of the
former Holloway Prison.

Wall hung sculptures

Ceramics is a medium that I have worked in for short periods at various points in my life. In this new era, I have been experimenting with form for a series of different challenges for different projects. This is an evolving space!

In my Alien planet-hopping Graphic Novel 'Being an Entity' I created many whole ecosystems in which the story was set. Forming some of the life-forms that I dremt up has been an interesting and educative process.