Niki Gibbs

Niki's work comes from a background of graphic design and animation. Working in a number of mediums producing many original paintings including Portraits, Life Drawings, drawings and projects. Her work also explores illustration and storytelling in the form of her self published graphic novel 'Being an Entity'. Niki's gallery is designed to provide a comprehensive archive of her work. Buy original artwork and signed copies of the graphic novel at Blue Sunflower Store

Niki graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1989 receiving a BA Hons in Graphic Design. Having produced a 2:15 minute fully animated film 'Lixivium' whilst at college, she then went on to work in the animation industry as a freelancer for about 7 years before setting up Blue Sunflower Animation in 1996 which she operated under as a sole trader until 2012 when Blue Sunflower became Blue Sunflower Enterprises Ltd.

Niki has always enjoyed working in a wide variety of styles. Animation lends it's self to being very flexible creatively as every job requires a different style and different approach. She is a much at home drawing as she is painting, making mosaic and even ceramics and sewing.

In recent years Niki has explored painting and illustration in greater depth as well as always having a continuing interest working in Graphic Design and Animation.

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Inspired by the 2012 Olympics held in London, Niki produced a series of images depicting a wide range of sports represented across the sporting world. This was to celebrate the personal endevour and achievement of all athletes and their personal stories and struggles in their quest to attain their goals.

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